Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Latest

We had a band cancel on us this month so Daniel took a last minute job working on the new Unwritten Law CD. We typically record metal at Lambesis Studios, but it's good to know that Daniel is capable of recording other genres of music. Additionally, with this unexpected down time, I decided to begin writing songs for the next Austrian Death Machine release. I am going to make it my goal to release a new CD every year. Finally, starting next week, we will be working on the debut release for a cool new band called Destruction of a Rose.


  1. ummm. sweet! ADM is soooo amazing haha. arnold needs to give it a listen. 25 hr fitness!

  2. Hey Tim, the God hand is on your life, He blesses very you.

    Congratulations on Studio and by your ministry, by As I Lay Dying, I only think you should explode more Jesus' Name, for everybody know and to know the truth.

    A day who knows me am like you: Http://thesideprojekt09.blogspot.com/

    It stays with God,bless you family.

  3. hey,
    I'm an audio enginner just out of the LA Recording School and I jd as well. I used to make harsh noise and run shark bite tapes label. I was wondering if you guys needed newbies to help out around the studio. my email is kristincalvarese@gmail.com

  4. theres a band u really need to check out go on YouTube and type in defiler band they just made a video of there song and in three day s three thousand people like it so please respond and contact me if u like them bshort96@yahoo.com